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3 Plays, 3 Poems, 2 Songs and a Movie

A most unusual evening of theater

"Rebellious Sleep"
Written,  directed, filmed and edited by Linda Erickson

Zane Rankin
With Anne Schwantes 

How much more extreme can our world become? With warning signs everywhere, the unthinkable becomes part of our daily lives.


"Perfect Timing"
Written and Directed by Anne Schwantes 
Anne Schwantes
With Linda Erickson

Why do we make certain choices in life that are not in our best interest? The Me Too movement opened wounds that might not have healed. It's time to pull the bandages that have covered our carefully held secrets.

"Dead End"
Written and directed by Linda Erickson

Jack Erickson and Joyce Vollmer
With Linda Erickson, Paul Mirowsky, Zane Rankin

A wife notices an elephant or two in her home. The husband doesn't sense a thing. What she slowly discovers changes her world as she believed it to be.

"The Road to Albiano"
Directed by Linda Erickson
Written and narrated by David Roth

Lawrence and Anne's day was to begin with a stroll down an old Roman stone path through Apuan Alps for biscotti and cappuccino. Much to Lawrences dismay, that's not what they found at the end of the road.

"To Pause", "A Word Told Me", "A Love Story"
3 poems by Thomas Mallouk
Recited by Barry Gross

"Black Bird" sung by Anne Schwantes  
"Ob-La Di" sung by Thomas Florek
Mary Gorman-Strawbridge on Ukulele 

Running time: About 1 hour


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