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The Company

The company is based in New Hope, Pennsylvania  and is comprised of  local professional and non-professional performers.

Europium  Dancetheater brings the creative mix of avant-garde techniques known as Tanztheater which originated from the Expressionist era in Germany. Tanztheater features multiple segments of performance dance and improvisational acting revealing daily life as expressed through movement, dance and the theatrical process. The goal is not to preach, not to dictate or to teach a moral.  The effort is to simply present moments in life and the human emotional response.

Europium Dancetheater presents works in film as well as live performances. 


Jack Erickson

Paul Mirowsky

Leland Schwantes

Linda Erickson 

Artistic Director

tom bw.jpg

Thomas Florek

Zane Rankin

Stacie Scott


Pamela Johnson

Anne Schwantes

Joyce Vollmer

Guest Artists

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